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Upcoming events

June 8-13, 2020

Host Institution: CITY, University of London

1. 3rd progress meeting
2. Scientific seminars 5-8


  • Mechanics of soft materials
  • Ultrasound fundamentals
  • Experimental methods for multi-phase flows
  • Ultrasound cavitation technologies


Dr Mohamed Farhat (EPFL) ,Professor Gail ter Haar (ICR),

Prof. Claus Dieter Ohl (OVGU), Dr Andreas Papoutsakis (CITY),

Dr Yves Paquette (CITY), Dr Ian Rivens (ICR), Prof. Rares Vincent Salomir (Unige)


3. 7th Cavitation and Multiphase flows Workshop

Past events

December 2-6, 2019

Host Institution: University of Twente

1. Review meeting

2. Scientific seminars 1-4


  • Experimental methods for multi-phase flows
  • Computational methods for bubble / interface tracking
  • Cavitation in the bioengineering field
  • Cavitation control technologies


Prof Lawrence Crum (UoW), Dr Daniel Fuster (SU), Prof Detlef Lohse (UT), 
Prof Claus-Dieter Ohl (OVGU), Dr David Fernandez Rivas (UT), Dr Steffen Schmidt (TUM), 
Prof Michel Versluis (UT), Prof Stephane Zaleski (SU)

3. Tour at the laboratory of the Physics of Fluids (POF) group at the University of Twente.

4. Soft skills training: Interactive Workshop on Presentation skills

Designed and conducted by Amalia Petrova

June 23-28, 2019, Chania, Greece

Host Institution: CITY, University of London

1. UCOM 1st progress meeting

2. 6th Cavitation and Multi-phase flows Workshop/IICR

The workshop was a unique opportunity to exchange ideas, present and discuss work on relevant subjects with leading scientists and industry experts in the field. During the three days of the workshop, presentations were given by invited experts in the field in a single-session. At the same time, the workshop hosted dedicated poster sessions from researchers working on the following topics:

  • Nucleation, bubble dynamics and sonoluminescence
  • Sheet, cloud and tip vortex cavitation
  • Cavitation erosion, noise and vibrations
  • Cavitation in fluid machinery (turbines, pumps, marine propellers, inducers, fuel injectors)
  • Ultrasound cavitation in biomedical applications
  • DNS and LES numerical simulation
  • X-ray and laser experimental techniques
  • Cavitation-induced atomisation
  • Trans-supercritical sprayshre

3. Soft skills training:

  • The UCOM outreach activities: Rational and Planning
  • A research project in the social media