Ready to design an outreach or communication activity? Let your imagination run free! If you need a starting point, then take your interests and hobbies into consideration. An original successful outreach activity could come out of this… and you could enjoy yourself too! 


  • Would you like to talk about your research project in a funny, exciting, and engaging way? Then you could take part in a science slam. 
  • What is your hobby? Could you use it to reach people with similar interests to implement an outreach activity?  
  • If you like competitions, then search for events that are related to your research field. Even if you do not win an award, you will have the opportunity to reach many people and inform them about your work. So, compete and enjoy!  
  • Can you think of an unusual way to talk about you research area? In rhymes for example? If you do, then you might find a musician to collaborate with and release a song on the internet! This will give people the opportunity to learn scientific terminology without an effort. After all, why should we always sing about love or broken hearts?  

Lyrics of the song “Fluid Dynamics” (pdf)