How can you act as a Marie-Curie Ambassador?
When an MSCA fellow organizes aactivity to address the general public in order to achieve one or more from the following targets, than they act as Marie-Curie Ambassadors: 

  • to encourage students to follow research related carriers  
  • to promote their research field to students and public audiences 
  • to introduce students to the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions
  • to raise awareness of the impact their research work might have on everyday life
  • to help teachers in preparing and delivering teaching materials  

 The target list in not exhaustive, but it gives you an idea of the rationale behind those activities.  


  • Find out (in advance) what your audience might be interested in.  
  • When you address yourself to students, be aware of your audience’s needs, values and prior knowledge in the current phase of life.  
  • What might your audience be interested in?  Here are a few ideas: 

 What is the Horizon 2020 programme? Where can a student find job opportunities? How can they apply for a scholarship? How challenging is it to work in a foreign country? How can one be prepared in advance? How does the project’s research outcome affect your audience’s life? What makes your research area an engaging path for other researchers? 

  • To talk about your own experiences is usually the most engaging way to address your audience. 
  • Do you know the term “role model”? It refers to a person whose behaviour or example can motivate others, especially younger people. This could be you at the current phase of your life.