Interested perhaps in an online communication activity? In that case you could create content to be released on the internet.

What about? Your project’s research objectives, the impact of the research outcome on every-day life, your research area, your research results, your experiences as a MSCA fellow, the MSCA fellowships, etc. 

How? With the help of a video clip, a GIF, an article, by creating wiki links in various languages, etc. 


  • Use simple language. Avoid jargon, so that your content is understandable by a large public. 
  • If you would like to create a video, seek for the advice of a communication expert to identify the ways that will help you catch your audience’s attention. 
  • Use your mother tongue to inform people that do not speak English.  
  • Create wiki links or translate content into your mother tongue. 
  • Publish a LinkedIn article to reflect on your experiences as a Marie- Curie Fellow. 
  • You could release your work via your own social media account or via the accounts of your project.


Inspiration for the next generation 

A motivational video that addresses young students

created by Marco Cristofaro (AVL / CaFE project) and Shrey Joshi (INP Grenoble / CaFE project) 

The CaFE project 

The international character of an ITN project simply explained 

created by Prasanta Sarkar (INP Grenoble / CaFE project) 

Cavitation bubbles 

For young audiences: an introduction to the projects’ research area

created by Prasanta Sarkar (INP Grenoble / CaFE project) 

What is Cavitation? 

For all audiences: an introduction to the projects’ research area  

created by Ebrahim Ghahramani (Chalmers / CaFE project) and Mohammad Hossein Arabnejad Khanouki (Chalmers / CaFE project)  

Fluid dynamics confront soot emissions 

To explain the motivation behind the research

created by Theodoros Lyras (CITY / HAoS project) in collaboration with Konstantinos Kolovos (CITY / IPPAD project) 

The EDEM research project 

To present the research objectives of the project 
Created by Hesham Gaballa (IFP Energies Nouvelles/EDEM project) 

Other internet activities 

“Counterflow Swim”  

"Counterflow Swim" by Ali Amini, EPFL

Ali Amini (EPFL/ CaFE project) participated with this video in the SNSF Scientific Image Competition and was the winner of Category 4 

On marine propellers, bubbles and coffee 

In his article for the Dutch maritime magazine “boegbeeld” Sören Schenke (TU Delft / CaFE project) addresses maritime students to give an overview of his research work as a Marie-Curie fellow, the challenges he faces, and the opportunities offered to young researchers by the MSCA-ITN- projects: (pages 16-17) 

Visualisation of a bubble collapsing

Nikolaos Kyriazis, (CITY / CaFE project) captured the collapse of a bubble from various representations to study cavitation.