Sometimes the general public visits the premises of your institution. Open Days organised by the universities and other occasions can give you the opportunity to address the general public at the premises of your working place 

The Fete de la Science (Festival of Science) for example that takes place each October in France motivates school students to visit universities and labs and get informed about developments in science and theiimpact on the society. 

Or the “Lange Nacht der Forschung” (Long night of research) which takes place in Austriaa nationwide science communication event that makes research institutions accessible to the general public for one night.  


  • Get informed: Are there any events planned at your institution/hosting country that aim to bring the public close to researchers 
  • Show your lab. If you are an experimental researcher, then to show how you conduct your experiments can be fascinating for school students. 
  • Many events, e.g., Open Days at universities take place also online and, in some cases, twice in an academic year.  
  • Talk with people that have participated in those events in the past to find out what kind of activity you could implement to enhance the visitors’ experience. 
  • Also check the programme of various museums. They often offer workshops or implement outreach activitiesattracting large number of peopleSome museums also organize online activities/events. Would you take part in such an event to implement an outreach activityFind the places that are related to your research area and check it outThe host will be the museum, and all the participating researchers. You, for example.